What are the Benefits of Digital Learning?

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Currently every form of Learning & Development is going online. Digital Learning is all set to become $325 billion industry by 2025 with an average growth of 25% every year.

But the question is, Can Digital Learning replace Traditional Learning?

What are the benefits of Digital Learning over Traditional Learning?

Let us see why most of the people prefer Digital Learning over Traditional Learning methodology :

1. Get to choose from various different programs / Courses

  • There are so many different kinds of courses and programs to choose from on online platform.
  • Programs & Courses can be chosen depending on one's domain & niche.
  • There are many Digital Platforms available offering specific courses for specific domains & niches.

2. Low Cost
  • The cost of learning the course on the Digital Platform is far less as compared to traditional learning.
  • This is because there are no venue costs, infrastructure cost or any overheads.
  • The Digital Courses can be conducted with very low investment.
  • Research says that there is at least 30-40% in reduction of cost in Digital Learning as compared to Traditional Learning.

3. Learning from Comfort of Home
  • The Digital courses can be learnt from the comfort of home.
  • For best learning experience comfortable environment is very important.
  • Students can also choose their preferred time ( for recorded courses)
  • Digital Learning gives flexibility of time and space as courses can be learnt from anywhere & at anytime.

4. No Commuting Required
  • Research says that a person spends 1/3rd of his in commuting
  • Imagine the precious time wasted in just moving from one place to another while commuting daily.
  • Digital Learning requires no commuting, due to which the precious time which was otherwise wasted in commuting, now can be used in learning.
  • Also, it helps us escape the stress of heavy traffic, especially in metro cities.

5. More Retention of Content
  • The best part of Digital Learning is that we can learn the courses at our time and at our place of comfort.
  • Also there is a flexibility of playing the recorded videos again & again to get the concrete learning out of it.
  • All this sums up to better retention of content in Digital Learning as compared to Traditional Learning.
  • Research says that the retention rates are between 25%-60% in Digital Learning as compared to 8% -10 % in Traditional Learning.

6. Career Growth
  • Digital Learning gives the flexibility of learning courses while working.
  • This helps to balance learning with earning.
  • This really helps to boost the career and jump to the next level.

All these points sums up that Digital Learning is far more beneficial that Traditional Learning !!!

This is the best time in the history to Digitally impact people with your skills, talent and knowledge. Let’s all come together and be part of this golden age.

Digital Learning is the next big wave. Are you ready for it?

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Do you resonate with what I have shared here? Do share your comments on the same. Also share this blog with maximum people possible so that they can benefit from this blog .

Thanks !!! Cheers !!!

Happy Learning

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Darshit Shah

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Darshit Shah is an Engineer turned Coach, Trainer, Author & Speaker.

He is a Digicoach Mindset Expert and have founded Digiprcoach Infinity Hub with a mission of creating 100,000 Digital Coaches & Trainers who in turn will Impact, Influence and Transform lives of millions of people.

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