Know My Story

My First Step On The Stage

It was on 28th Dec, 2008 that I stepped for the first time on the stage.
By nature I was a very introvert person and had a shy personality due to which I had a very strong stage fear. So on that day I was very anxious, nervous and fearful. While each step I took towards the stage I could hear my heart pumping out loud.
Finally I stepped on the stage and grabbed the mike in my hand and spoke for around 15-20 mins. I got a standing ovation after my speech from all the 700-800 people there inside the auditorium.
This made me realise that fear in just in our mind. It it only our mindset which limits us otherwise the potential that we have inside us is infinite.
For first 6 months after my graduation I had no job, no work because of which my parents were really upset with me.
After 6 months I got an opportunity to conduct training in one of the computer institutes nearby which was hardly 4-5 days a month. At that point of time in my life I felt really low, dejected and sad.
But I used this time in up skilling myself by learning new courses, acquiring new skills, investing time, money and energy in my learning.
My first major breakthrough happened in 2012 itself after more than 70 rejections. I got a proper job as a trainer in one of the most prestigious organisation.
From 2012-2015 I was in the same job. But in 2015 I felt myself stuck. An ambitious person like me wanted more in life. Wanted to explore more, had big goals, had big aspirations, so finally in 2015 I quit my job and started working as a freelance trainer
I started exploring so many things as a freelance trainer. From 2015-2018 I trained for more than 42 different organisations, travelled in more than 65 cities across India & trained more than 30000 people. This was my learning curve, this is where I learnt. But at the same time I made lots of mistakes as well.
As I told you in 2012 I got connected with Spirituality, I got connected with Meditation, I started researching in topic of mindfulness and was in so much of awe that I got so many revelations, got deep inside it.
Finally in 2018 I launched a book by the name ‘Mind Infinity’.
So here I am, in 2012 I had more than 70 rejections and I stand here in 2020 where I have trained more than 36000 people in 42 different organisations.
'Nominated as India’s youngest motivational trainer in 2016, Nominated as India’s youngest author in 2018 & Nominated as India’s most Influential trainer in 2020.'
The main reason for my struggle in initial part of my career was I lacked the right system, I lacked the right approach and right mindset.

My Journey As A Trainer

It was year 2011......
I had completed my Engineering in 2011 and I was on the crossroads of my life. I had 2 options, whether to pursue job into my stream of Engineering or get into Training, Coaching, Consulting which I was passionate about.
I followed my passion but had no experience into training. As people say, to become trainer you need experience I had no experience. With all my passion & energy I applied in around 54 companies & all rejected me.

My Journey Towards Inner Self

It was on 15th May 2012….
I got connected to spirituality and I experienced meditation for the first time in my life. I really felt that this was something I really missed in my life. It touched my core. For the first time ever I met the most important person of my life, that is myself. My mind started opening up. It was a completely different experience.
As I got connected with Spirituality, I got connected with Meditation, I started researching in topic of mindfulness and was in so much of awe that I got so many revelations, got deep inside it
While I was sharing these things with my dad, he suddenly looked at me with all his eyes lit up and said, “ Why don’t you write a book on Mindfulness?”. I was completely shocked and speechless on this suggestion of his. I had never ever written even a blog or an article in my life. I had never ever thought about writing a book even in wildest of my dreams. But considering this suggestion coming from my dad, whom I respect a lot, I started to think about it. My dad motivated me to give it a shot. That conversation with my dad lasted for about 2 hours and before that conversation was over we had decided on the date of my book launch that was 18th March 2018, the day of Gudi Padwa and first day of Chaitra Navratri, a very auspicious day in India.
I had no idea as to how to write a book, how to publish a book, how to launch it but here I was with total commitment and resolve to launch my book on 18th March, 2018.
Now I was an aspiring author after being Trainer, Coach & Consultant for nearly 10 years. Next day I researched a lot about writing a book. Connected with few of them who had already written a book and got few ideas from them. By then the title of my book was ready, ‘MIND INFINITY’.
From 29th September onwards I started accumulating my thoughts and ideas to write a book. Still I was clueless as to how will I be completing my book within 6 months, publishing it and launching it. I had no idea how will I do it, but I was ready to give my everything to achieve it.
From 1st October onwards, I use to wake up at 6 in the morning and continue till 12 am at night everyday and started working on my book. I did spent lots of sleepless nights which I couldn’t even count of now. I had really no idea at all that how is an ideal book written, but within myself had my goal and vision absolutely clear and was passionately working towards it.
When my book was half written, I decided to launch my book in Hindi, along with English. So now along with writing the book in English I also had to translate it in Hindi.
In those 6 months I had given my everything.There was a day on 26th September 2017, when I had absolutely now idea as to how to write a book and then here comes the day, 18th March 2018, when I am standing with full force and energy in front of 200 people on the stage and ready to launch my book.
Before I turned 30, I became author of my book ‘MIND INFINITY’, for which I was even nominated as India’s youngest author in 2018.

A Leap From Trainer To Author

It was in year 2017……
It was 26th September, 2017 and I was in a casual conversation with my dad after a dinner. I was sharing with him the concepts of mind power and mindfulness which I had learnt in one of the seminars attended by me. I had practically implemented those concepts in my life and had got some really good results.
At that point of time in my life I was feeling stuck in my career. Things were not moving as I had planned. I was feeling really sad, frustrated and helpless.